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Sturmfrei serves as a platform that fosters human connection and personal growth through the experience of travel.

Souls of the Jungle

Souls of the Jungle

In September 2018, alumni of IIM-I founded the travel hostel brand “Jungle by sturmfrei“ with the aim of revolutionizing the travel lifestyle of Gen Z and Millennials. They envision a new era of experiential culture that allows young people to explore life through travel. For this new generation, travel is a lifestyle choice that offers the richness of experiences and connections with people.

To cater to the experiential travel needs of young people, “Jungle by sturmfrei” provides aspirational, stylish, and affordable stays in prime tourist locations, while also serving as a platform for artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs to meet and collaborate, forming physical social networks. In Jungle by sturmfrei, people from different backgrounds gather, communicate, develop, and live together under one roof, creating a new age Jungle that emphasizes unity and real human connection.

What matters in Jungle by sturmfrei is not skin color, nationality, or religion, but the inter-connection and bond that people form with each other.

Our Vision

To create and connect a community of new-age travelers.

Our Mission

To provide new-age travelers with empowering experiences using physical and digital touchpoints.

What makes us special?

Customized for the niche target group of gen-z and millennial.

Aspirational, stylish and affordable stays at prime tourist locations

Focused at providing holistic travel experiences with in house music events quick service restaurants

Perfect for that workcation vibes with dedicated co-working spaces

Provides a platform for various artists, musicians, entrepreneurs to meet and collaborate and act as physical social networks

Great hubs to connect, socialize and grow your friend circle and travel network


Pratyush Neog Manikial

Co-Founder & CEO 
Business & Product Strategy, S&M

Bhavik Vaghela​

Bhavik Vaghela​

Co-Founder & CFO
Compliance, F&A, Investor Relations

Dipjyoti Brahma

Co-Founder & COO
Tech Strategy, Business Operations

Ashwin Mantri

Ashwin Mantri

Independent Director 
Compliance & Finance Adviser

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