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At Sturmfrei, we believe in the power of community and the evolution of self through empowering travel experiences. We invite passionate travel enthusiasts like you to join us at “Jungle by sturmfrei” not just for now but as a forever member of our pack. Let’s create the wonders of a lifetime together!

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Our Locations

Nomads, hustlers, seekers, or anybody in between – we have spaces to suit your needs. As you venture out to explore yourself, know that you can always find us.

Our Events

Experience a fusion of art, music, and culture at Jungle by sturmfrei’s events. Join us for unforgettable full moon parties, daily yoga sessions, and more.

Friday Courtyard Capella

6th October 9:00PM onwards JBS Vagator

Saturday Jungle Beats

7th October 7:00PM onwards JBS Udaipur

Monday Open Mic

9th October 7:00PM onwards JBS Udaipur


Hear it from those who lived it! 


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