We are a team of young, energetic, fun loving people ready to welcome you at Sturmfrei and make your stay comfortable. We believe in individualism as much as we believe in building bridges. If you would like to know about us, here we go:


A travel enthusiast who has visited many places across the globe. He is passionate towards adventure sports and always work towards a life changing experience. He also has an inclination for music and sports and believes in having a positive attitude towards life.

He is a post graduate in operations from NITIE with corporate experience in IT services.


An avid traveler who loves to back pack across the world and meet new people while observing different cultures. He is a conversationalist, fitness enthusiast, dancer and a budding writer.

His zeal towards creating something awesome in the travel and hospitality sector led to the assemblage of the brilliant team who share the same vision of making Sturmfrei a globally recognized brand .He has an MBA from IIM Indore with corporate experience in Market Risk


The thinker of colors who found his canvas in nature's creations. He is passionate about drawings and is a promoter of value rather than the price. Enjoys the sand drifting away under his feet on a beach.

He is a post graduate in finance from IIM Indore, and experienced in investment banking, valuations and business development.


The self-proclaimed DJ of this group is a devotee of ambient & trip-hop music. He believes in the principles of Karma, has a penchant for sports; and loves solo backpacking & showcasing his culinary skills.

He is an alumnus of IIM Indore & has worked as a Business Analyst & Digital Transformation enabler across multiple industries.