Millennials prefer backpacker hostels over hotels Experience hostel life on a budgetBroaden your horizon to explore beyond

Why book a backpacker hostel on your next trip?

No one would mind spending a luxurious holiday in a 5 Star hotel but if you are a true travel adventurer, experiencing a stay in a backpacker hostel is a must.

Are you the one who is bitten by the travel bug and does not mind being travel-infected for the rest of your life? Guess we are all sailing in the same boat.
From cutting down stress levels to slimming your chances of heart disease, the health benefits of traveling are huge. But whom are we kidding? Love for traveling doesn’t come with a specific goal in mind. We travel for fun, we travel to explore, we travel to escape, we travel to be found.

Millennials prefer backpacker hostels over hotels
Millennials today, are making travel a priority in their lifestyle compared to Gen X or Baby Boomers. Today, an average millennial (ages 21 to 37) plans on taking three to five trips in a year. More millennials are working to save for their next vacation. But that doesn’t mean they spend their entire savings just on travel. Budget-oriented and responsible travel planning can help you travel more while you spend less
In 2019, travel trends indicate a phenomenal rise in solo-travelers and backpackers who tick off more travel destinations by making smart choices in their travel plans. In search of new cultural experiences, they prefer booking a bunk bed in a shared backpacker’s hostel instead of secluded private hotel rooms.

Experience hostel life on a budget
Budget-friendly and easy accessible
Hostels are generally low in cost, placed in convenient locations and provide more social opportunities for people to meet like-minded co-travelers. Unlike a typical hotel room, you do not have the luxury to lock the door and spend your entire day all by yourself. Instead, you have the privilege to connect with travelers from around the world who carry stories about far way mountains and deep dark forests. Finding new friendships, discovering exciting opportunities and having the most interesting conversations of your life while you play a game of Jenga in the community space with your dorm mate, is the core essence of spending a holiday in a hostel

Unique flair with a lively vibe
–>Every backpacker’s hostel in India has its own little community and a unique charm that makes the guests feel like home.
–>Many hostels offer special workshops conducted by the hostel residents, where one can brush up their skills or just have a fun time learning something new
–>Shared kitchens are open to all guests to test out their culinary skills
–>Some hostels provide local sightseeing, hiking or trekking guides to help explore the city the local way
–>Party scenes with in-house DJs are pretty common during the evening hours
–>Artists from different genres connect, collaborate and work together to create beautiful masterpieces

End-to-end amenities
. Complimentary breakfast
. Free Wi-Fi
. Laundry Service
. Fully equipped kitchen
. Board games and indoor entertainment
. In-house library
. Toiletries
. Community spaces
. Free parking
. Luggage storage

Broaden your horizon to explore beyond
For many of us, it may feel a little awkward to share a room with strangers. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. First times are always scary, just trust your instincts and put forward your hand with a pretty smile, you are sure to get a hug back.
Staying in a backpacking hostel is a great way to work on your social skills. It can be a holiday of self-discovery where you are free to express without the scrutiny of societal pressure. You will come across people of different perspectives and there is an opportunity to learn a million things from every other individual. Let’s be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of us

It is wonderful to see how the backpacking culture is rapidly growing in India, especially in places like Goa, Jaipur, and Gokarna. At Sturmfrei Hostel we believe, one might be poor in money but can be rich in life. Every backpacker has a story to tell, a dream to live and many more adventures to explore. Carrying a vision to celebrating life with an attitude of freedom, we look forward to welcoming travelers from every corner of the world and live life the Sturmfrei way.

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