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In Jungle by sturmfrei we are always trying to create and connect a community of new age travellers who travel to evolve via empowering experiences.

Why Become a Member

As a member, you’ll also have access to our exclusive network of like-minded individuals, with opportunities to connect and collaborate with other members, attend networking events, and grow your personal and travel network.

Membership Benefits

Be part of the core Jungle tribe with our “Membership” which gives exclusive “members only” privileges across India like:

On-the-house breakfast

Guaranteed additional discounts on stay and merchandise

Exclusive changeover rights from one Jbs Hostel to another

Invitation to special parties and experiences curated for members only.

Workshop curation access in all our locations and exclusive tie-ups with our social media handles.

All this and much more…

Get access to the core community in all our super cool locations and experience the real connections!!!

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